The lives of Einstein
A journey through time and the history of physics

Who was Einstein ? What is physics ?

Everybody is familiar with the names Einstein, Newton and Galileo. But what do we know about them ?

What is physics? What is it for? Who was Einstein?

Here is Fiami’s latest educational comic book with 40 pages in color!
Einstein plays different roles through the ages of great discoveries:

In ancient Greece, he meets Socrates, Hippocrates, Democritus and atoms
In Baghdad, Al Khawarizmi introduces him to algebra.
In Padua, Galileo takes him on as his assistant and initiates him into the joys of relativity.
In Woolsthorpe, Newton provides him with an explanation of how things work.
In Bern, in 1905, Einstein explains why they work.
And where is science heading in 2005?

Einstein is back! Why don’t you come and find out about him?

Switzerland: 18.- CHF + shipping Total 21.- CHF
Europe: 17.- Euros + shipping Total 24.- Euros

40 colour pages

La série de BD sur l'histoire des sciences de Fiami

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